I do this for no personal gain in this world.

A time of action is upon us. Look at your personal situation and make those tough decisions. What decisions do I speak of?

If you are in a large city, decide if you really want to be there a week from now. Have you gotten the supplies and equipment you and your loved ones need to survive not only physically but spiritually for the days and months (hopefully years) ahead? If you havnt …it’s definitely decision time.

Wars and rumors of war. Massive geophysical change. Supply chain disruption globally (Suez Canal). Massive troop movements in Eastern Europe. Inept and foolish (demonic) leadership marches us toward world war and economic collapse. These things are all real and happening now.

Prayerfully seek guidance from our father in heaven. Orient yourself to the situation at hand, decide and act NOW.

REVELATION 18:4 (come out of her my people)

May Gods blessing and protection be upon you and yours.




Here we are in February already!

What a kick off to the new year and what a time it has been! Shortages and supply disruptions abound. Scarcity is everywhere. Tension runs high. What next?

As previously stated. Time is short. I hope every one is healthy and blessed, even in these difficult times. As I continue on with my journey in preparedness and faith…I turn to the Bible as much as possible. If I may, I recommend reading psalms today. A lot to be learned from the trials of another man and his conversations with God.

God Bless! And remember to continually Praise the Lord!


How the time flys! Medical needs…the bad stuff! Burns, puncture wounds, deep cuts, broken bones and dismembered body parts. All the really bad stuff we dread and hate even thinking about. Do we dismiss it brush over it and move on in our preps…just really hope it doesn’t happen? Well of course you can, but I would not advise it.

We discussed having basic medical and first aide preps covered in the last post. Now we will discuss preparations for very traumatic injuries that people might sustain in a chaotic environment after SHTF. Once again this is where it would likely be of great benefit if you were actually able to discuss these issues with a medical professional that you personally know. Take into consideration your knowledge base and background and build from there. Have you taken a CPR course? Do you understand the basics of applying pressure and a bandage to stop bleeding. Do you have a tourniquet on hand (or several). Can you improvise? Can you do a basic medical assessment and do you know the early warning signs of hypothermia, heat stroke or dehydration? Do you know how to check Air way, Breathing and circulation on an unresponsive person?

Put together a plan and a trauma kit. Seek training from medical professionals or enroll in a course on how to treat gun shot wounds. Buy several more advanced trauma kits or build them yourself. Keep one on you, in your house and in your car. Have it stocked with a tourniquet, medical Coban wrap and other absorbent bandages. Keep saline water on hand and be able to boil water for wound cleansing. Medical care as we know it today (or knew it) is going to be hard to come by in the very near future. Understand life expectancies of most people will be shortened…drastically! Do what you can now to mitigate this harsh reality now.

Do the research and take the time to acquire and learn now. Pray and prepare. Acquire antibiotics and needed medicine now. Time is short. Very short. Stay alert, stay ready, and keep those gas tanks over half full. Stay healthy. Stay free and stay alive.

God bless,



Good morning! A nice cup of warm water some apple cider a spoon full of honey and I’m off and running! Good stuff and healthy for you (so it’s said). Why would I drink such a concoction?? Well if you’ve ever pondered what to do after SHTF and the coffee runs out you might consider it. I have not run out of coffee, no I’m simply adjusting to what may be. Moving on! I intend to spend today and tomorrow discussing medical and first aide needs for the preparedness minded…so let’s get to it!

This is simply food for thought. I am not a medical professional and would not want to be. Once again it is my least favorite subject but an important one nonetheless. I had a wonderful weekend hiking with family, doing some work around the farm and scouting for deer during this early part of archery season. Did the need for first aide arise during any of these activities? You bet it did. From staying properly hydrated, to treating bug bites and blisters to a couple of cuts and scratches. Yes we’re able to deal with all of these small issues here at the farm with simple items and household medical supplies that everyone should have on hand. No big deal you might say…and you would be right, IF you have a canteen, clean water, rubbing alcohol, Tylenol, Motrin, gauze, bandaids and Neosporin or other disinfectants on hand…IF.

But what if you don’t have these basic household items? Could you improvise with what you have on hand. Without having to go to the store or pharmacy? What do you have on hand to treat a wound, a blister, sunburn, a tooth ache or headache…a piece of dirt in someone’s eye? Do you have two weeks worth of basic medical supplies on hand? (Get it now if you don’t.) do you have 3 months worth? 6 months?

Get the basics covered and keep moving. Research any medical conditions you or loved ones may have that require prescription medication and research natural and homeopathic remedies that will aide you in a post collapse (no medical system) environment. Put together a small first aide kit or buy several to keep on you, family members, in your house and in your car. Do you have or can you acquire clean drinking water after your stored water or bottled water runs out? Can you purify water and boil it if need be? Water…clean water is essential to health and first aide. As I’ve heard told and seen practiced with great success…”dilution is the solution to pollution” when it comes to wound care and irrigation after initial first aide.

Once again! All food for thought. I am not a physician, nurse, pharmacist or medical professional in any shape or form. If you know one i.e. a nurse or doctor maybe an EMT, now would be a good time to talk to them and ask questions that you may have for yourself or other family members. I simply put this out there for your consideration. I am but a simple man who lives on a farm, has graduated from the school of hard knocks a time or two and had the benefit of going through a few combat life saver courses while serving in the military. What you do with any medical considerations that I bring up is purely up to you! That said I truly believe it is time to start brain storming and checking supplies!

Have faith in God and prepare.



Congratulations! You now have a 2 wk supply of food, water, needed supplies, tools and adequate clothing. You have taken the first steps in getting you and your loved ones prepared. Everyone in your family now has immediate access to a two week supply of drinking water if they we’re for some reason unable to leave the house. You and your family now have food in the form of canned and dried goods, from pasta rice and beans to spaghettios and instant oatmeal.

If someone in your house has a cut or minor injury, it can be disinfected with the rubbing alcohol and antibacterial medicine that you have set back. If someone has something in their eye you have eye drops to relieve any irritation it may cause. If a child suddenly has a fever, a stomach ache or diarrhea it can be treated with children’s Tylenol, or an anti diarrheal that you now always have on hand. This is a great first step towards independence and insulation from a broken system in times of chaos! Now take the next step and bump that level of independence and preparation up to 3 months, bump it up to 6 months….or heck! Let’s take it up to a full year! How do I do that? You ask. I spent all of my hard earned money just buying two weeks worth of supplies.

I know…I get it, preparing to survive in an austere and chaotic environment is daunting! It can be expensive. It can even be exhausting! This is where planning and prayer really come into the mix. I completely understand that not everyone can rush out and buy 3 months worth of food and supplies, equipment and medicine. Many people barely have enough space to store said preparations. This is where you have to get creative, pinch pennies and set goals. Do what you can to get to that 3 month mark, make it happen as quick as you possibly can. (Hint, large bags of rice, beans and lentils, iodized salt are still relatively cheap at the big box stores.)

Never stop improving your position or your situation. Continue to build and hone existing skills. Continue to think, pray and prepare. The next couple of posts will cover my least favorite…but nonetheless very important topic in some detail. Medical and first aide.

Have a great weekend, continue to prepare, learn and hone skills, spend time with family and thank God!

God bless,



Time is short and it’s up to all of us to make the most it and prepare accordingly. Supply chain interruptions and black swan events have taken a toll on the average American and it will only become more difficult to prepare in the days ahead! With that said now is the time to pray, plan and prepare.

If you have been caught flat footed and suddenly realize it’s time to prepare (or past time) I highly recommend that you take inventory of what supplies, tools and equipment your house hold has on hand. Sit down and make a list of the items you use most everyday. Break it down by food, hygiene, medical, defense and even entertainment! If you don’t have two weeks worth of these items, then you need to remedy that now! I know for most households money is tight right now so consider the very basics first. Consider buying bags of rice, dried beans, iodized salt, lentils, canned goods in soups and vegetables. Does everyone in your family have rugged out door clothing? Do you have warm winter clothing for everyone in the family? Get those things now! Don’t wait another 24 hrs now is not the time for procrastination.

Keep it basic…keep it simple…keep it cost effective. Now is the time to make the most of your money and make all purchases count. Consider buying bic lighters, matches, bottled water, moderately priced multi tools, knives, shovels, duct tape for repairs, good but moderately priced lanterns and flash lights. Make sure that you and your family can shelter in place for at least 2 weeks. Consider defensive items you and your family may need if 911 doesn’t work and emergency services can’t be reached or respond. (911 went down across the nation just a few days ago). Now is the time to think about how you will defend you and your family in times of violence and chaos and most importantly seek Jesus Christ!

Instability and dwindling time require action. Do not panic but do move with all deliberate speed to acquire the items you and your family need to survive now…do it in the next 24 hours! It is time!

Two weeks is the bare minimum. Be it a good start, you need to plan for longer periods of disruption and chaos. We will take that into consideration tomorrow. Good look and God bless as you move forward.

Ezekiel 38:7



It’s time! Time to get ready, be ready and stay ready. For most people 2020 threw the proverbial curve ball…for some it even hit them right in the face…OUCH!

The world is drastically different from what it was 9 months ago. If you watched the first presidential debate last night between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden last night, this is likely evident to you. If you have experienced supply chain disruptions that made it nearly impossible to find toilet paper, paper towels,butter, eggs, prescription drugs, children’s Tylenol, firearms and ammunition or any number of other items you need to maintain the lifestyle that you and your family are accustomed too…then it is likely evident to you that we live in a Different and quickly changing world.

if you have lost your job or family operated business, struggled to pay bills, make vehicle or home repairs or buy needed groceries, then you KNOW times have changed! It is time…dare I say past time to take action and develop a plan to insulate you and your loved ones from the chaos that is taking place in our once peaceful and relatively secure America.

Ladies and gentlemen, mothers and fathers, it is time to do the things and acquire the supplies and tools that will help you maintain a free, safe, secure and healthy lifestyle for yourself and those who are entrusted to your care. It is time to learn, to teach, to plan, to survive and prayerfully seek guidance from our Heavenly Father! If there is any doubt in your mind or your heart…let that doubt go and take the necessary actions That will enable you to SURVIVE…physically and spiritually!

until next time, I leave you with Revelation 18:4.

God Bless,