It’s time! Time to get ready, be ready and stay ready. For most people 2020 threw the proverbial curve ball…for some it even hit them right in the face…OUCH!

The world is drastically different from what it was 9 months ago. If you watched the first presidential debate last night between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden last night, this is likely evident to you. If you have experienced supply chain disruptions that made it nearly impossible to find toilet paper, paper towels,butter, eggs, prescription drugs, children’s Tylenol, firearms and ammunition or any number of other items you need to maintain the lifestyle that you and your family are accustomed too…then it is likely evident to you that we live in a Different and quickly changing world.

if you have lost your job or family operated business, struggled to pay bills, make vehicle or home repairs or buy needed groceries, then you KNOW times have changed! It is time…dare I say past time to take action and develop a plan to insulate you and your loved ones from the chaos that is taking place in our once peaceful and relatively secure America.

Ladies and gentlemen, mothers and fathers, it is time to do the things and acquire the supplies and tools that will help you maintain a free, safe, secure and healthy lifestyle for yourself and those who are entrusted to your care. It is time to learn, to teach, to plan, to survive and prayerfully seek guidance from our Heavenly Father! If there is any doubt in your mind or your heart…let that doubt go and take the necessary actions That will enable you to SURVIVE…physically and spiritually!

until next time, I leave you with Revelation 18:4.

God Bless,


Published by T82

I’m just an average guy who has been blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and an all around incredible life! I served in the United States Air Force as a security specialist and continued to work in force protection and corporate security as a civilian. I now happily spend my time on a small farm in rural North central Oklahoma. I believe in God, family, freedom and the American Way, as the founding fathers intended it to be.

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