Congratulations! You now have a 2 wk supply of food, water, needed supplies, tools and adequate clothing. You have taken the first steps in getting you and your loved ones prepared. Everyone in your family now has immediate access to a two week supply of drinking water if they we’re for some reason unable to leave the house. You and your family now have food in the form of canned and dried goods, from pasta rice and beans to spaghettios and instant oatmeal.

If someone in your house has a cut or minor injury, it can be disinfected with the rubbing alcohol and antibacterial medicine that you have set back. If someone has something in their eye you have eye drops to relieve any irritation it may cause. If a child suddenly has a fever, a stomach ache or diarrhea it can be treated with children’s Tylenol, or an anti diarrheal that you now always have on hand. This is a great first step towards independence and insulation from a broken system in times of chaos! Now take the next step and bump that level of independence and preparation up to 3 months, bump it up to 6 months….or heck! Let’s take it up to a full year! How do I do that? You ask. I spent all of my hard earned money just buying two weeks worth of supplies.

I know…I get it, preparing to survive in an austere and chaotic environment is daunting! It can be expensive. It can even be exhausting! This is where planning and prayer really come into the mix. I completely understand that not everyone can rush out and buy 3 months worth of food and supplies, equipment and medicine. Many people barely have enough space to store said preparations. This is where you have to get creative, pinch pennies and set goals. Do what you can to get to that 3 month mark, make it happen as quick as you possibly can. (Hint, large bags of rice, beans and lentils, iodized salt are still relatively cheap at the big box stores.)

Never stop improving your position or your situation. Continue to build and hone existing skills. Continue to think, pray and prepare. The next couple of posts will cover my least favorite…but nonetheless very important topic in some detail. Medical and first aide.

Have a great weekend, continue to prepare, learn and hone skills, spend time with family and thank God!

God bless,


Published by T82

I’m just an average guy who has been blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and an all around incredible life! I served in the United States Air Force as a security specialist and continued to work in force protection and corporate security as a civilian. I now happily spend my time on a small farm in rural North central Oklahoma. I believe in God, family, freedom and the American Way, as the founding fathers intended it to be.

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