Good morning! A nice cup of warm water some apple cider a spoon full of honey and I’m off and running! Good stuff and healthy for you (so it’s said). Why would I drink such a concoction?? Well if you’ve ever pondered what to do after SHTF and the coffee runs out you might consider it. I have not run out of coffee, no I’m simply adjusting to what may be. Moving on! I intend to spend today and tomorrow discussing medical and first aide needs for the preparedness minded…so let’s get to it!

This is simply food for thought. I am not a medical professional and would not want to be. Once again it is my least favorite subject but an important one nonetheless. I had a wonderful weekend hiking with family, doing some work around the farm and scouting for deer during this early part of archery season. Did the need for first aide arise during any of these activities? You bet it did. From staying properly hydrated, to treating bug bites and blisters to a couple of cuts and scratches. Yes we’re able to deal with all of these small issues here at the farm with simple items and household medical supplies that everyone should have on hand. No big deal you might say…and you would be right, IF you have a canteen, clean water, rubbing alcohol, Tylenol, Motrin, gauze, bandaids and Neosporin or other disinfectants on hand…IF.

But what if you don’t have these basic household items? Could you improvise with what you have on hand. Without having to go to the store or pharmacy? What do you have on hand to treat a wound, a blister, sunburn, a tooth ache or headache…a piece of dirt in someone’s eye? Do you have two weeks worth of basic medical supplies on hand? (Get it now if you don’t.) do you have 3 months worth? 6 months?

Get the basics covered and keep moving. Research any medical conditions you or loved ones may have that require prescription medication and research natural and homeopathic remedies that will aide you in a post collapse (no medical system) environment. Put together a small first aide kit or buy several to keep on you, family members, in your house and in your car. Do you have or can you acquire clean drinking water after your stored water or bottled water runs out? Can you purify water and boil it if need be? Water…clean water is essential to health and first aide. As I’ve heard told and seen practiced with great success…”dilution is the solution to pollution” when it comes to wound care and irrigation after initial first aide.

Once again! All food for thought. I am not a physician, nurse, pharmacist or medical professional in any shape or form. If you know one i.e. a nurse or doctor maybe an EMT, now would be a good time to talk to them and ask questions that you may have for yourself or other family members. I simply put this out there for your consideration. I am but a simple man who lives on a farm, has graduated from the school of hard knocks a time or two and had the benefit of going through a few combat life saver courses while serving in the military. What you do with any medical considerations that I bring up is purely up to you! That said I truly believe it is time to start brain storming and checking supplies!

Have faith in God and prepare.


Published by T82

I’m just an average guy who has been blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and an all around incredible life! I served in the United States Air Force as a security specialist and continued to work in force protection and corporate security as a civilian. I now happily spend my time on a small farm in rural North central Oklahoma. I believe in God, family, freedom and the American Way, as the founding fathers intended it to be.

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