How the time flys! Medical needs…the bad stuff! Burns, puncture wounds, deep cuts, broken bones and dismembered body parts. All the really bad stuff we dread and hate even thinking about. Do we dismiss it brush over it and move on in our preps…just really hope it doesn’t happen? Well of course you can, but I would not advise it.

We discussed having basic medical and first aide preps covered in the last post. Now we will discuss preparations for very traumatic injuries that people might sustain in a chaotic environment after SHTF. Once again this is where it would likely be of great benefit if you were actually able to discuss these issues with a medical professional that you personally know. Take into consideration your knowledge base and background and build from there. Have you taken a CPR course? Do you understand the basics of applying pressure and a bandage to stop bleeding. Do you have a tourniquet on hand (or several). Can you improvise? Can you do a basic medical assessment and do you know the early warning signs of hypothermia, heat stroke or dehydration? Do you know how to check Air way, Breathing and circulation on an unresponsive person?

Put together a plan and a trauma kit. Seek training from medical professionals or enroll in a course on how to treat gun shot wounds. Buy several more advanced trauma kits or build them yourself. Keep one on you, in your house and in your car. Have it stocked with a tourniquet, medical Coban wrap and other absorbent bandages. Keep saline water on hand and be able to boil water for wound cleansing. Medical care as we know it today (or knew it) is going to be hard to come by in the very near future. Understand life expectancies of most people will be shortened…drastically! Do what you can now to mitigate this harsh reality now.

Do the research and take the time to acquire and learn now. Pray and prepare. Acquire antibiotics and needed medicine now. Time is short. Very short. Stay alert, stay ready, and keep those gas tanks over half full. Stay healthy. Stay free and stay alive.

God bless,


Published by T82

I’m just an average guy who has been blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and an all around incredible life! I served in the United States Air Force as a security specialist and continued to work in force protection and corporate security as a civilian. I now happily spend my time on a small farm in rural North central Oklahoma. I believe in God, family, freedom and the American Way, as the founding fathers intended it to be.

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