I do this for no personal gain in this world.

A time of action is upon us. Look at your personal situation and make those tough decisions. What decisions do I speak of?

If you are in a large city, decide if you really want to be there a week from now. Have you gotten the supplies and equipment you and your loved ones need to survive not only physically but spiritually for the days and months (hopefully years) ahead? If you havnt …it’s definitely decision time.

Wars and rumors of war. Massive geophysical change. Supply chain disruption globally (Suez Canal). Massive troop movements in Eastern Europe. Inept and foolish (demonic) leadership marches us toward world war and economic collapse. These things are all real and happening now.

Prayerfully seek guidance from our father in heaven. Orient yourself to the situation at hand, decide and act NOW.

REVELATION 18:4 (come out of her my people)

May Gods blessing and protection be upon you and yours.



Published by T82

I’m just an average guy who has been blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and an all around incredible life! I served in the United States Air Force as a security specialist and continued to work in force protection and corporate security as a civilian. I now happily spend my time on a small farm in rural North central Oklahoma. I believe in God, family, freedom and the American Way, as the founding fathers intended it to be.

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