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I do this for no personal gain in this world. A time of action is upon us. Look at your personal situation and make those tough decisions. What decisions do I speak of? If you are in a large city, decide if you really want to be there a week from now. Have you gottenContinue reading “4-2-21”


Here we are in February already! What a kick off to the new year and what a time it has been! Shortages and supply disruptions abound. Scarcity is everywhere. Tension runs high. What next? As previously stated. Time is short. I hope every one is healthy and blessed, even in these difficult times. As IContinue reading “2-24-21”


How the time flys! Medical needs…the bad stuff! Burns, puncture wounds, deep cuts, broken bones and dismembered body parts. All the really bad stuff we dread and hate even thinking about. Do we dismiss it brush over it and move on in our preps…just really hope it doesn’t happen? Well of course you can, butContinue reading “10-8-20”

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